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An exceedingly simple prototype for a puzzle game concept. Align the stars in the night sky and draw out constellations. Currently just a few simple levels, but the plan is to build out the game and the concept over time.


  • Use the mouse to click a star to start a line; click another star to complete the line
  • Right click to clear a line in progress
  • Rotate the stars with the right and left arrow keys, or with the A & D keys
  • Once the appropriate constellation is aligned and drawn, it will light up and move you to the next level
  • Press 'R' to remove all lines from the constellation
  • Press Control-Q at any time to quit the game


  • Eight playable levels
  • Sound effects and level-end "animations"


  • Multiple control schemes (including VR experience)
  • Music and improved sound effects
  • Enhanced UI and interaction
  • Additional levels
  • Zodiac mode with real-life constellations

Install instructions

Once the file has finished downloading, simply unzip the file. Please keep the .exe file and "Data" folder in the same folder, or else the game will not function properly.

If you have any questions, please email boardtobits@gmail.com and I will get back to you ASAP.


Constellation Prototype.zip 11 MB

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